Online Tool for Restriction Enzymes
Takara Cut-Site Navigator
Takara Cut-Site Navigator is a web tool that identifies restriction endonuclease cleavage sites in DNA sequences.

Sample Name
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Range - ( Blank is 1 to end. )
Aat II Acc I Acc II Acc III Afa I Afl II Alu I Aor13H I
Aor51H I Apa I ApaL I Bal I BamH I Ban II BciT130 I Bcn I
Bgl I Bgl II Bln I BmeT110 I BmgT120 I Bpu1102 I Bsp1286 I Bsp1407 I
BspT104 I BspT107 I BssH II Bst1107 I BstP I BstX I Cfr10 I Cla I
Cpo I Dpn I Dra I Eae I Eam1105 I Eco52 I Eco81 I EcoO109 I
EcoO65 I EcoR I EcoR V EcoT14 I EcoT22 I Fba I Hae II Hae III
Hap II Hha I Hin1 I Hinc II Hind III Hinf I Hpa I Kpn I
Mbo I Mfl I Mlu I Msp I Mun I Nae I Nco I Nde I
Nhe I Not I Nru I Nsb I PmaC I PshA I PshB I Psp1406 I
Pst I Pvu I Pvu II Sac I Sac II Sal I Sau3A I Sca I
Sfi I Sma I Smi I SnaB I Spe I Sph I Sse8387 I Ssp I
Stu I Taq I Tth111 I Van91 I VpaK11B I Xba I Xho I Xsp I
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